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The case of post dated monitoring data

A few week ago a customer of ours has been hit by a time issue, the internal time reference server jumped to anno domini 2020. Since this happened during the weekend it took a few hours to be fixed, in the meantime opsmgr agents did their job posting data to the opsmgr infrastructure. The net […]


The strange case of missing inventory data

Luca Ansaloni, a colleague of mine we’re working on a large SCCM deployment with, reported an issue on SCCM agents not reporting hardware inventory, but being operative for all other functions. The issue affected 2% to 3% of all deployed agents  so it deserved a further analysis. Luca found out it was related to the […]


Data warehouse debugging

While I was investigating the data warehouse grooming internals, I found a neat debugging feature that can be turned on to check the internals of DW stored procedures. In the dbo.StandardDataSet table, for every dataset, there’s a DebugLevel column. By default its value is 0 or no debugging info at all. The higher the value […]

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