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#Azure notable updates week 22/18

Authenticating to Linux systems has always been a key concern for our implementations, those local sudoable accounts with the same password across many systems have always been a pain. Our choice has always been to interoperate with Active Directory. Now there’s a new options: integration with Azure AD. It works through a VM extension and […]


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Running #Gollum on #Azure Web App on #Linux

Introduction A couple of years ago we started to use Gollum as our internal Knowledge Base system. Even if we’re heavy users of Sharepoint, we found the native wiki feature to be unsatisfactory, third party solutions as well as the idea of developing a custom solution a pain to maintain. We started running it on […]

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#Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 2 – custom ruby filter

#Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 2 – custom ruby filter Other articles in the serie Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 1 The solution The Kemp solution I’m trying to implement is based on two data sources: syslog logs SNMP GET/WALK information / counters I’m not going to use at […]


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Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 1

#Extending #MSOMS Log Analytics through Linux – part 1 Foreword I don’t know how many articles this series will end up with, it’s basically another journey I started trying to solve real world issues. This time I needed to monitor Kemp loadmaster devices from OMS and sepcifically using Log Analytics (LA). As you may know […]