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Quickly add #Azure diagnostics to #MSOMS

A quick one to add Azure Diagnostics (with the exception of the compute resource type) to Log Analytics workspace. For more information in what you’re about to do see. ** Update if you want to batch ingest Automation Accounts here you go Happy diagnostics ingestion.


#Azure: ARM templates, Automation, DSC and more. Travel notes

It’s been a long time since my last post, I actually have a ton of materials to work on, but hardly found the time to settle down and share it in my blog. Recently I’ve been involved in a demo run, proof of concept session, for a prospect involving end to end management of a […]


#SOFS logical configuration reference

Scale-out File Server (SOFS) is a great new technology we can find in Windows 2012 R2 (debuted in 2012). We have endorsed SOFS with or without storage spaces (see Aidan blog). In either cases SOFS is a great NAS solution based on SMBv3 that can be leveraged by Windows OS (file sharing, hyper-v vhdx, SQL […]


Powershell Deployment Toolkit quick startup #sysctr #wapack

Powershell deployment toolkit is a great accelerator to have your System Center POC environment up and running in a few hours. Until recently I seldom used it, but the need to prepare a “CloudOS POC in a Day” made me realign to the latest version. This post is more a collection of notes than a […]

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Automating Windows #Azure VM backups

Using Azure IaaS is great, but like all IaaS solutions it still requires some administrative efforts. In my last installment, I detailed how to use Windows Azure backup and recovery services to protect data contained in virtual machines and how to monitor the success of the backup operations with System Center Operations Manager ( Protecting […]