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Batch convert your #Azure VMs to #manageddisks

AS you may know managed disks have been released a couple of weeks ago, your current virtual machines can be converted to managed disks with just a reboot and a limited downtime. The following is a quick script to batch convert all the virtual machines in a subscription. Things to know: do it at your […]



#Azure powershell and the Run Login-AzureRmAccount to login issue

I use Azure powershell almost every day, as a matter of fact I constantly keep it updated using the powershell integrated oneget module (i.e. the ability to use the install-module and update-module cmdlets). I’m literally working with 10s of tenants and much subscriptions, switching back and forth with the proper credentials. Not a nice experience, […]


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Quickly add #Azure diagnostics to #MSOMS

A quick one to add Azure Diagnostics (with the exception of the compute resource type) to Log Analytics workspace. For more information in what you’re about to do see. ** Update if you want to batch ingest Automation Accounts here you go Happy diagnostics ingestion.


#Azure: ARM templates, Automation, DSC and more. Travel notes

It’s been a long time since my last post, I actually have a ton of materials to work on, but hardly found the time to settle down and share it in my blog. Recently I’ve been involved in a demo run, proof of concept session, for a prospect involving end to end management of a […]


#SOFS logical configuration reference

Scale-out File Server (SOFS) is a great new technology we can find in Windows 2012 R2 (debuted in 2012). We have endorsed SOFS with or without storage spaces (see Aidan blog). In either cases SOFS is a great NAS solution based on SMBv3 that can be leveraged by Windows OS (file sharing, hyper-v vhdx, SQL […]