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#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates week 42/17

Azure Store simple snapshot manager has been updated to Version 5.0, it is compatible with StorSimple 8000 Series devices running Update 5.0 and Update 4.0 Powershell drive for Azure. Navigate your resources using Azure: drive, just like you can do from the cloud shell in the Ibiza portal. Just: Install-Module AzurePSDrive  Import-Module AzurePSDrive Import-Module AzurePSDrive Login-AzureRmAccount […]

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Automating #Azure VM stop and start

This is an old topic, but at the same time a big ask for Azure IaaS deployments. It would be great to be able to start and stop Virtual Machines based on a weekly schedule, and let’s add the option to run a specific script before shutdown or after startup. I just published an automation […]


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Batch convert your #Azure VMs to #manageddisks

AS you may know managed disks have been released a couple of weeks ago, your current virtual machines can be converted to managed disks with just a reboot and a limited downtime. The following is a quick script to batch convert all the virtual machines in a subscription. Things to know: do it at your […]



#Azure powershell and the Run Login-AzureRmAccount to login issue

I use Azure powershell almost every day, as a matter of fact I constantly keep it updated using the powershell integrated oneget module (i.e. the ability to use the install-module and update-module cmdlets). I’m literally working with 10s of tenants and much subscriptions, switching back and forth with the proper credentials. Not a nice experience, […]


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Quickly add #Azure diagnostics to #MSOMS

A quick one to add Azure Diagnostics (with the exception of the compute resource type) to Log Analytics workspace. For more information in what you’re about to do see. ** Update if you want to batch ingest Automation Accounts here you go Happy diagnostics ingestion.