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#Azure notable updates week 28/19

Azure Data Share is a new data service aimed at file based data sharing across organizations leveraging Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake. It implements a publish and subscription model that should help regulate any file transfer between organizations. It is supposed to substitute FTP or Web file transfers, the only drawback I see is […]

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ConfigMgr 2007 MP – crash dumps monitor script failure

Continuing on the Configuration Manager 2007 Management Pack scripts failures I stumbled on another one. This time I had an "Invalid procedure call or argument’ 5 (0x5) executing script ConfigMgr 2007 Monitor SMS Executive Crash Dumps: Digging inside the script I found another brilliant example of poor coding where once again a misplaced error checking […]

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SCCM MP scripts keep failing

This task has been hanging out for a while, it’s no mystery I consider it a miserable waste of time, but that’s life and since SCCM is a major component of our services offer I had to put a stop to those nasty alerts about SCCM MP scripts failures. I’m sure you had many %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE […]

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OSD : Capture Operating System Image Step failed with HRESULT=80070002

Last week I received a call from one of my customers asking me to help him with a strange error he was receiving in the step “Capture Operating System Image” of an OSD Task Sequence. The following is the log created by the step with detailed information on the error (I substituted the real file […]


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SCCM : How to Force SQL Reporting Services Point to select a specific SRS Instance on a machine with multiple instances (an unsupported workaround)

As specified in the following TechNet article : How to Create a Reporting Services Point for SQL Reporting Services it is recommended that you install the SQL Reporting Services Point on a computer running only one instance of SQL Reporting Services. The reason is that the current version of SCCM uses the first instance of […]