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OSD : Capture Operating System Image Step failed with HRESULT=80070002

Last week I received a call from one of my customers asking me to help him with a strange error he was receiving in the step “Capture Operating System Image” of an OSD Task Sequence. The following is the log created by the step with detailed information on the error (I substituted the real file […]


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OSD : How to build a single task sequence for Windows 7 x64 and x86

Last week I had to modify a Task Sequence created to deploy an x86 version of Windows 7, adding the option to deploy an x64 version of Windows 7. I started with the creation of a x64 Win7 OS master image using a copy of the task sequence used to create the x86 version. To […]



USMT4 + SCCM 2007 SP2 RC – Downlevel Manifests folder is not present.

I encountered this problem while preparing a demo consisting in a migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. I was using USMT 4, MDT 2010 and SCCM 2007 SP2 RC. In my task sequence I used hard-links to capture user data from a Windows XP installation and then to restore data back after applying a […]


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