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SysCtr 2012 SP1 – ACS upgrade error (#scom #sysctr)

SysCtr 2012 SP1 – ACS upgrade error When upgrading your ACS infrastructure to SP1 you’re likely to hit the following bug (actually there are two bugs). If this is the case you either have the ACS collector crashing every night when a new partition is created or you don’t have the views for Windows 2012 […]


The road to Operations Manager 2012 – Upgrading ACS

Last Edited May 10th, 2012 These days are the days of System Center 2012 adoption, as I wrote in the past every product has its own upgrade and/or migration path. For Operations Manager 2012 the in place upgrade is a risky but viable solution to keep all your data. This post is about my experiences […]


Collecting SQL server audit events with Operations Manager ACS

Another hot topic in forums and between customers of mine: how can I add audit events from SQL into ACS. Let’s start from a few technology key points: ACS is able to collect any event recorded in the Security Event Log (technically it can be extended to collect events from any event log, but this […]

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ACS – Configuring auditing on Windows 2008 R2

With Windows 2008 Microsoft introduced the ability to have granular access to auditing options, in the first release granular audit options could only be set locally using auditpol, with the advent of Windows 2008 R2 the same options can be set via GPO, too. This granularity is key to be able to audit exactly what […]

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Extending ACS beyond security logs

As you may know the Audit Collection Service is a OpsMgr module aimed at collecting security events from the Windows Security Log. Everything is written in the security log can be collected near realtime and consolidated in a central sql repository. With the release of the xplat modules for ACS, last December, ACS is now […]

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