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SQL database backup monitor a different approach

There are several samples on how to monitor the last date a SQL database has been backed up, to mention a few: For my environment they lack two common functionalities: being able to differentiate when the monitor runs, for example some of our customers do not have a 24×7 business so don’t backup […]

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Discoveries, multihoming and cookdown

We have a few customers that are using multihoming for opsmgr agents. They all complains for slow discovery in the added MG. I’ve been asked about this delay online as well, so I’m going to wrap my answers and give my view of the issue. The slow discovery in the added MG, from my internal […]

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On Demands and cookdown errata corrige

I want to make you aware I corrected my previous post on On Demand Detections. I must thank Pete Zerger of SystemCenterCentral, he pointed out cookdown is working between rules and monitors. He was referring to this sentence of mine: cookdown seems to work for workflow type, it cooks for monitors and cooks for rules […]

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On Demand Detections caveats (a cookdown story)

I’m a big fan of On Demand Detections, but in the past few weeks a note from Raphael Burri and then this thread ( on System Center Central made me wonder if I’m right on this topic. In this post I’m going to explain On Demand Detections (ODDs) and their relationships with cookdown that leads […]