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Network devices dynamic group membership #sysctr #scom

The scenario As a System Center solution provider and consultant I often face complex scenarios where multi tenancy and administrative delegation is a must. One of the latest challenges I faced has been about Operations Manager console scoping in a complex and distributed architecture. The customer used to have gateways and sites to partition the […]


Including SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 in the database engine group

This has been a fairly debated topic and I don’t know how I never posted this simple solution I had for quite a long time. The SQL Server 2008 Management Pack doesn’t include SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 instances in its SQL 2008 DB Engine: As you can see only SQL versions 10.0 or […]

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Are your Windows 2003 VMs reporting just 1 processor?

Yesterday I’ve been asked to get some information on a Windows 2003 VM, since this is a remote VM managed with OpsMgr the natural choice has been to ask OpsMgr for such data. I must admit this is not the easiest task of it all, given the fact that OpsMgr misses an holistic view of […]


Remove-DisabledMonitoringObject not working

Today I got stuck in a strange issue, where the Remove-DisabledMonitoringObject cmdlet apparently stopped to work. It always returned in success but no object (or very few) is removed for the disabled discovery (btw I was fighting with a TMG MP bug, more on this in a later post). The first step I tried is […]


Are your demoted Domain Controllers still there?

This is indeed an uncommon scenario, but still it happens: DCs get demoted and not reinstalled. What would you expect from OpsMgr? I guess to simply catch up with the new situation and remove all the reference to the DC roles from the computer namespece. But, as you can see in many newsgroup post, this […]