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#Azure notable updates week 29/19

Every Azure region includes several data centers, the distance between data centers is measured in tens of kilometers, this introduces latency on network traffic when azure artifacts are deployed in different data centers. With proximity placement groups you can keep your VMs close one to each other and be sure they’re placed in the same […]

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#Azure notable updates week 28/19

Azure Data Share is a new data service aimed at file based data sharing across organizations leveraging Azure Storage or Azure Data Lake. It implements a publish and subscription model that should help regulate any file transfer between organizations. It is supposed to substitute FTP or Web file transfers, the only drawback I see is […]

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#Azure notable updates week 27/19

Azure data factory product group announced a few improvements this week: mapping data flows, the visual ETL component, adds parameter support Teradata connector got a facelift logs can now have they own table in Azure Monitor, until today they were ingested in the generic AzureDiagnostic table The B(urstable) VMs now come in 12, 16 and […]

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#Azure notable updates week 26/19

Azure premium files are now GA . This Premium tier, based on the latest SSDs, is optimized to deliver consistent performance for IO-intensive workloads that require high-throughput and low latency. Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 support for Event Grid Notifications is now in preview Public endpoint for Azure SQL Database managed instance provides the ability […]

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#Azure notable updates week 25/19

The biggest news of the week is the Preview of Azure Bastion. It basically provides secure, SSL based, RDP and SSH access to your virtual machines through the Azure portal without the need of a Public IP. While I understand there are many other ways to get to your Vms and that in osme restricted […]

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