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#Azure notable updates week 20/19

The ‘AzureBackup’ tag can now be used in NSG to simplify your VMs lockdown. The tag allows outbound access to Azure Backup for agend based backup of your VMs. Anytime you need the MARS agent, such as when you need to backup SQL databases running inside a VM. Azure database for MariaDB joins the data […]


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#Azure notable updates week 19/19

This is the Build 2019 week, I will try to prioritize all the new announcements reporting only the ones I think are “notable”, but obviously it depends on what services you’re currently using. I’m sure you’ll find much more comprehensive coverages of Build, here I will try to remain as brief as I can. Azure […]

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#Azure #SCOM MP addendum – file share backup monitor added

With the latest release of the management pack we added support for monitoring backup of Azure file shares and introduced some bug fixing in the Azure Monitor integration. Regarding the latter, the MP just monitors new alerts rules (not the classic ones) and the alert experience must be set to “new” (currently in preview), if […]

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#Azure monitoring state of the union

One of the questions I often get from my customers when I talk hybrid cloud monitoring is: how can I monitor Azure? Which is the Microsoft story? Which solutions can I use? Is Operations Management Suite (“OMS”) enough? Should I still use System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)? How does Azure Monitor fit in the picture? […]

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