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Executing an OpsMgr 2007 script manually may result in an empty console output

One of the cool feature of OpsMgr 2007 is that you can test a script outside the OpsMgr environment, simply running it from a command line by using CScript.exe ( I use this feature often to debug my scripts while creating Management pack or for troubleshoot problems with Management pack not written by me. Sometimes […]



Troubleshooting 21025 events – part 2 the RMS case

As Daniele pointed out in the article (Troubleshooting 21025 events – Part 1 evidence) 21025 events on the RMS are bad. In one of our SCOM 2007 R2 environment we observed an high number of those events on the RSM and an impact on the scalability of that infrastructure. So I decided to try to […]



Data warehouse debugging

While I was investigating the data warehouse grooming internals, I found a neat debugging feature that can be turned on to check the internals of DW stored procedures. In the dbo.StandardDataSet table, for every dataset, there’s a DebugLevel column. By default its value is 0 or no debugging info at all. The higher the value […]

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