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Executing an OpsMgr 2007 script manually may result in an empty console output (part 2)

As promised in my previous post, I tried to find a way to retrieve the complete output of an OpsMgr script, when launched with cscript out of Operations Manager. As I said before, the limitation seems related to the WriteConsole function, and a redirected stdout should not suffer this problem. To confirm this hypothesis I […]


MP ISA 2006 : Log Drive Free Space Monitor BUG

Yesterday a colleague of mine emailed me for help as he is experiencing issues with an ISA 2006 Management Pack (version 6.0.6648.0) Monitor. The monitor identifies a problem on Disk E: of an ISA 2006 Server. My colleague checked the Knowledge base on the alert to identify possible causes, but he was unable to understand […]

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Executing an OpsMgr 2007 script manually may result in an empty console output

One of the cool feature of OpsMgr 2007 is that you can test a script outside the OpsMgr environment, simply running it from a command line by using CScript.exe ( I use this feature often to debug my scripts while creating Management pack or for troubleshoot problems with Management pack not written by me. Sometimes […]



Publishing Operations Manager 2007 Web Console with ISA Server 2006 – Performance view problem

I came across this problem months ago but I didn’t post anything in this blog because I thought this isn’t a common scenario. Today I found a post on a Microsoft newsgroup with a guy searching help for this, so I decided to post an article with the solution. If you publish an OpsMgr Web […]

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AD MP – AD Trust Monitoring BUG

A few days ago a colleague of mine complains that after fixing a problem with a trust relationship between 2 domains, OpsMgr continued to show an alert in console even if the trust has been repaired. I told him to check if the alert was created by a monitor or by a rule, in case […]




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