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#Azure #SCOM MP addendum – file share backup monitor added

With the latest release of the management pack we added support for monitoring backup of Azure file shares and introduced some bug fixing in the Azure Monitor integration. Regarding the latter, the MP just monitors new alerts rules (not the classic ones) and the alert experience must be set to “new” (currently in preview), if […]

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#Azure notable updates week 29/18

Many preview services Azure SQL Databases related, I already reported on, move to GA: vCore-based purchasing model for SQL databases and elastic pools Configurable long-term backup retention for Azure SQL Database. Movinmg into GA they dropped the dependency from Azure Backup Vault (uhm, not sure this is a smart move in terms of manageability and […]

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New release for #Azure #SCOM MP addendum

Today I just released version 1807 of my SCOM Azure Management Pack addendum. You can find the new release on github. In this release I added: support for Azure Monitor so that any enabled alert rule is discovered in SCOM, plus any New and unresolved alert is signaled in SCOM (and resoleved when it’s not […]



#Azure monitoring state of the union

One of the questions I often get from my customers when I talk hybrid cloud monitoring is: how can I monitor Azure? Which is the Microsoft story? Which solutions can I use? Is Operations Management Suite (“OMS”) enough? Should I still use System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)? How does Azure Monitor fit in the picture? […]

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Executing #SCOM Tasks on a Management Server

Now, it’s been really a long time since I last posted on Management Pack development. The fact is there’s not much to add to the great information you can find on the net. But with our recent migration to SCOM 2016 I had to put hands to very old custom management packs, some of them […]