#Azure and #MSOMS notable updates w10&11-17


The new architecture center is live! Initially there are 6 reference architectures, along with numerous other technical resources (e.g. designing for resiliency, developer checklists…)

New AAD Connect released with full support for Seamless SSO (SSSO) version 1.1.443.0

MySQL in-app is now GA great for testing, but we’re still missing a true managed MySQL on Azure.

Azure App Service, the managed certificate life cycle solution on Azure, is now a general purpose certificate lifecycle service, read here

Aure AD porting to the new Ibizia portal has reached the final stint, now it’s your call: tell the team if everything is ok

New Azure Storage JavaScript client library for browsers – Preview

Now you can access DocumentDB using MongoDB APIs and tools and there’s now a Spark connector for DocumentDB as well.

Update 4 for StoreSimple 8000 is available, better restore times, finally a diagnostic tool from powershell, impending disk failure alerting and much more

L-Series VMs available optimized for low latency local storage in selected regions, alas not yet in Europe.

Resource policy management now surfaced in the Azure portal.

SQL Azure introduces a new tier Premium RS and allows up to 4 TB databases for P11 and P15 tiers.

Azure Storage Explorer 0.8.9 released


Azure Automation workers can now coexists with update management you need at least agent version 7.2.12024.0.

Log Analytics adds Advanced Threat Analytics syslog integration to add significance to events

After the windows support now instant file recovery is available for Linux VMs. The feature is in preview.

You can now customize your VM restore experience with templates, this feature is now integrated in the recovery process and you just have to modify the template to suit your needs

With ASR you can now use Premium storage as a replica target for [Hyper-v VMs] (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/asr-hyper-v-to-premium-storage/) and yes it also works for VMWare/Physical workloads.

System Center

VMM hot fix for test replica scenario:

New management packs for the 2016 wave:

Updates for the Office 365 management pack:

Updates for the SQL Management Packs:

If you deployed SCOM 2016 then you want to take a look at these tweaks from [KevinH] (https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/kevinholman/2017/03/08/recommended-registry-tweaks-for-scom-2016-management-servers/)

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