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Troubleshooting Exchange 2010 MP aggregations in Operations Manager 2012

A while back in September 2012 I posted about a bug in Exchange 2010 aggregations in the data warehouse(Troubleshooting Exchange 2010 MP aggregations). The issue is still there, at least until version The aggregation stored procedure “” has been improved but the performance culprit has not been solved, so I took the time to […]


Exchange 2010 Management Pack – beware of custom attributes usage

As many of you knows, the Exchange 2010 Management Pack implements an alerts correlation service, the aim of the service is to raise an alert just for the very root cause of the issue, thus limiting alerting noise. This implementation choice has many implications (I’m staying neutral here, I’m not saying they’re bad or good, […]

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Troubleshooting Exchange 2010 MP aggregations

Here we are once again, many of the errors we found in MPs are related to poor "real world" testing. I guess the tester has an isolated environment where she/he tests only the specific MP and not the interactions with other MPs. The Exchange 2010 MP follows this rule. Since I installed the MP I […]


Exchange 2010 monitoring with OpsMgr

Last week I attended an interesting session on Exchange 2010 monitoring and backup with System Center host by the System Center Influencer guys ( Two main topics has been covered: The new Exchange 2010 Management Pack for OpsMgr Using DPM to backup Exchange 2010 In this post I will focus on the first topic, but […]

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