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#DPM 2012 Addendum management pack #sysctr

Today is an exceptionally snowy day, power is on and off again, lovely day to write something using my surface battery power. Today subject is DPM SLA monitoring. In my experience monitoring is just a matter of perspectives. Whichever is yours, it’s always useful to have very actionable alerts and begin able to predict systems […]

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Error 8007041d Applying Update Rollups for System Center 2012 DPM

Another quick note on an annoying issue. Let’s say you’re trying to apply some brand new Update Rollup to System center 2012 DPM and the update process always stops in error, if the error code is 8007041d then you’re probably in a situation a colleague of mine get into a few weeks ago. It’s just […]

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DPM: when licensing just doesn’t make sense

Recently Microsoft decided to change the DPM licensing requiring an Enterprise License to backup the System State of protected machines. Initially we won’t believe in such a change (the DPM console still shows the old licensing model where only a standard license was required for system state backups), but eventually we got a final statement […]

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SCMM software updates scan fails on DPM servers

This is a whole System center post :-). A colleague of mine (Stefano Sberveglieri) fought against a strange issue in software updates. The scan process kept failing on DPM servers with the following error message SyncUpdates failure, error = 0x8024400E, soap client error = 7, soap error code = 400, HTTP status code = 200. […]

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Using DPM to backup a MOSS farm with SQL fixed port

Last week, a colleague of mine, called in for an issue with DPM. He was in charge of protecting a MOSS farm with DPM, as he did several times, but in this occasion content databases weren’t backed up without any explicit error. Since this post is going to be long I anticipate the conclusions. The […]

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